You may need a marquee in case of the rain but there is a huge saving by staging the event yourself. churches are traditional, romantic and costly. Many people today opt to be prom on the beach or in a park. Consider such a possibility. If you are not religious, why not choose a place you both enjoy? a la carte or buffet? For your prom breakfast it can be cheaper to have a superb buffet where your guests hop up and help themselves.


Not all proms are made in heaven. This is a fact and must be learned the hard way sometimes. When these proms are beyond saving and are basically over, sometimes all that is really left to do is just move on. When the former couple starts to live separately, each of them will realize that some things are not worth keeping, like things that would only remind you of what seems to be a now very distant, sad past.

Now you get to direct the spotlight towards your guests and away from yourselves. Thankfully discount prom favors can be just as effective as ones that cost more. What many people do not realize when planning their prom is that your guests do not care how much you spend on these gifts. It is the thought that counts.


When guests are housed an several different hotels located miles from the ceremony venue, it usually requires the use of a fleet of limos or even tour buses to get everyone into the prom on time. One way prom Planners work around this dilemma is to book the ceremony at destination prom venues. Most of these types of facilities offer a package that includes not only the ceremony venue and reception hall, but also guest accommodations in the same location.